Greening the Caribbean

Juntos Por Puerto Rico: 
Adaptación Climática y Empresas Verdes
Climate Adaptation and Green Enterprises

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Climate Adaptation and Green Enterprises 

Recognizing that to reach a sustainable social and economic transformation, a multisectorial strategy that transcends electoral cycles is needed, our President and Executive Director, Jesus A. Garay, has been selected as a member of the Executive Committee of “Juntos por Puerto Rico” (Together for Puerto Rico). 

This multi-sectorial and multi-party effort, which began as an initiative driven by the Commission and the Economic Development Caucus of the House of Representatives, has grown to become its own social entrepreneurial entity.

“Juntos por Puerto Rico” is a not-for profit organization consisting of members from all 3 major political parties, and over 50 organizations, including faith-based, community, industrial, labor, academic, business, and social organizations. It aims to develop, in a participatory manner, the economic long-term strategic plan for the country.

The collective of “Juntos por Puerto Rico” is guiding a forward planning process to formulate a model, policies, strategies, and tools for sustainable economic development. The effort is focused on the creation of wealth and social wellness for Puerto Rico. The goal is to serve as an integrating tool between commerce, industry, experts in various disciplines, academia, labor sector, nongovernmental organizations, government (municipal, state, and federal), and citizens in general.

The USGBC-U.S. Caribbean Chapter, with the help of the Puerto Rican Planners Association and the “Mesa de Transformación Social”, leads the Committee for Climate Adaptation and Green Enterprises, “Comité de Adaptación Climática y Empresas Verdes”, which promotes green jobs, green buildings, clean renewable energy and community resiliency to develop a prosperous, healthy and sustainable economy, able to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The group’s goal is to make the commitment to adopt and implement the plan and the creation of an entity that provides continuity, through direct consult with the citizens of Puerto Rico before 2016.

El USGBC-U.S. Caribbean Chapter lidera en Juntos Por Puerto Rico el Área Estratégica de Adaptación Climática y Empresas Verdes.  como motor de creación de riquezas y de desarrollo económico a la vez que enfrentamos el cambio climático.

Juntos por Puerto Rico es un esfuerzo transectorial y multipartidista dirigido a desarrollar un alineamiento para la convergencia hacia un plan de desarrollo económico integral y sostenible para Puerto Rico.

La iniciativa  busca adoptar un plan económico para el país que trascienda los cuatrienios gubernamentales. El plan está movido por propuestas delineadas por representantes de más de 50 organizaciones y es producto de mesas de diálogos realizados desde hace varios meses.