Greening the Caribbean

Governor's Executive Proclamation

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U.S. Caribbean Chapter Recognized for its Clean Energy Advocacy by PR's Governor AGP

Puerto Rico's Governor, Hon. Alejandro Garcia Padilla, signed the Executive Proclamation declaring the month of October 2013 as the  "Energy Efficiency and Conservation Month". Next to him is Jesus A. Garay, President of the U.S. Caribbean Chapter of the USGBC.

The Proclamation was given to the USGBC- U.S. Caribbean Chapter in recognition of its Advocacy efforts since last year in the formulation of the new Law 57, "Energy Transformation and Relief Law", which promotes renewable energy as our main source of clean and sustainable energy and creates a new State Office of Energy Public Policy. Jesus Garay presented in the Government's Energy Transformation Fair held last year a plan towards sustainability, green jobs and climate resilience through the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings and communities.. Both Jesus Garay and Jose Torres, the chapter's  Vice President, participated in the public hearings held in the Legislature promoting a green economy through energy efficiency, energy conservation, and clean energy through renewables.