Greening the Caribbean

Support USGBC’s Programs

The USGBC-Caribbean Chapter is a non-profit organization so we depend on the generosity of business owners or representatives like you to be able to fulfill our objectives of promoting sustainability and the necessary market transformation for Green Building to flourish in the Caribbean.

Please feel free to go through our programs below, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us.  Thanks in advance for your support!

As a non-profit organization the USGBC Caribbean Chapter offers several services to the general public.

Emerging Professionals & Students

The Emerging Professionals & Students (EP&S) program offers opportunities to college students and emerging professionals to acquire experience by participating in green building projects and other related job opportunities.

Green Jobs

The Green Jobs program offers workshops to the general public related to green professions and how to become a green professional.

Green Schools

The Green School program offers workshops to primary and secondary students, teachers, school directors, and parents regarding LEED, green buildings, and sustainability concepts and practices.

Regional Development

The Regional Development program leads all efforts within the Chapter to improve the economy within the region by leveraging LEED concepts and practices.

Trainings & Workshops

The Education program leads all efforts within the Chapter related to educational offerings. We offer trainings that conduct towards a LEED certification for individuals, as well as trainings and workshops that cover concepts related to LEED, green buildings, and sustainability for the general public.